Ushapaan( उषापान)

Usha means ‘Dawn’
Paan means ‘Drink’
Ushapaan: Drinking water at Dawn.

Ayurveda suggests drinking 1 Liter to 1.25 Liter of water as soon as you wake up in morning and before you brush your teeth. Water can be consumed in any of the two forms

1) Luke warm water
2) Water kept in Copper vessel for whole night

Ushapaan should be done in sitting posture (ukroo – उकड़ू posture if possible) with slowly sipping water (पानी खाओ).

Benefits of Ushapaan

Few of the diseases it benefits in are headache, blood pressure, hyper acidity, rheumatism, obesity, constipation, diabetes, eye diseases, cough, kidney stones etc.

Note: Is suffering from Pitt Dosha(excessive heat in body) don’t drink Luke warm or Water kept in Copper vessel

If Excessive Acidity drink luke warm water with lime