Knowledge, Examinations and Life

What is Knowledge?

Education is to acquire knowledge. Knowledge is the power. It comprises of facts, information and skills acquired through studies or experience or both. Knowledge represents the theoretical or practical understanding or better, can be the combination of both. It develops self-confidence and strengthens us to face and overcome challenges in life. Knowledge further prompts to march ahead on the path of progress. So while acquiring knowledge one has to ascertain and be sure that he has gained in depth knowledge of at least his current level or more. The purpose of study is not only to score marks and get through the academic examinations but to acquire real knowledge and learn to enhance capability to apply the same in positive direction and solve real world problems in practical life for the welfare of all.

Academic Examinations

Acquiring real knowledge in life is one aspect. However, equally important are examinations. These judge us. Examinations test one’s knowledge, intelligence, ability to apply it to solve given problem in stipulated time with clarity etc. They also test our understanding about the subject. Although failing in one examination or at one level is not the end of progress in life. Failures on the other hand should be treated as the pillars of success. The world is competitive. Examinations are to categorise individual ones. Let us understand this. Earning livelihood respectfully is one of the most important activities in life. This requires one’s aptitude and categorisation. Thus, it is very important to choose the subject stream of interest very judiciously at the right juncture during student life as that will ultimately lead individual one to the profession of his choice and earn his livelihood. Once the aspect of livelihood is set right, only then one can think of sparing his energy and time to perform other useful activities. Here comes into the picture – the acquiring of knowledge followed by examination to test your skills and ability to apply that knowledge intelligently.

Examinations and Life

The journey does not stop on clearing the academic examinations only. Schools, colleges and universities are left behind but not examinations in life. The form of examinations in our day -to- day life and at every step or situation – in life, may change. In fact, the learning process never ends. We have ample to learn and experience at each step. Examinations continue sharpening our skills at all times. They should never end even. They make the life so thrilling and joyful.

How to crack examinations
The key to crack examinations successfully is to keep intact our self – confidence, remain cool, tension free and have faith in ourselves as well in God. One has not to fear from examinations. Twenty to forty minutes or more devoting daily to light yogic exercises and meditation in life coupled with proper sleep, keeping in mind the principle of early to bed and early to rise help to do miracles at all times and specially during the crucial and decision making stages in life besides examinations. A life style of being nearer to nature, helps further in this respect. The nearer to the nature, the healthier and happier we are. In fact, all these factors improve our concentration, determination, self – confidence and develop our patience and generate positivity, enabling us to focus our attention. We should never forget that the key to success in life is hard work. There is no shortcut to it. Adding intelligence, patience and experience as ingredients yields great results.

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