Fear and Nature

Change is the law of nature. Thus, there is nothing to worry in the current scenario when the whole world is shaken and is under the dark cloud of fear forgetting that storms do not last long. History reveals that mankind has been changing, adjusting and adapting to the life style as per circumstances and environmental conditions from time to time. It further divulges that mankind has been successfully surviving and simultaneously discovering and developing new ways of living. Of course, those who could acquire, respond and adjust to the ‘change’ at the earliest could only survive.  Human beings are gifted with unparalleled intelligence and energy to face any negativity using his enormous potential and capability of applying positive aptitude at all times.

Ego – the cause of fear
Problem is that man has the tendency of living, always in fear due to significance of the word “I” in his life. Man is so much self-concerned, self-centred and remains in the grip of his ego that he not only keeps on distancing from nature but always remains anxious to leave no stone unturned in disrespecting and overcoming the nature itself. As the intensity of importance of this “I” increases, he develops distance from nature. The intensity of fear rather panic and anxiety keeps on increasing. A feeling of insecurity tends towards its peak. To get rid of one fear, he burdens himself with the covering of yet other fear and so on. We are never out of fear and that’s the irony.

Nearer to the nature, the healthier and happier we are

Sometime back, I wrote my experience of a short span of life, as – “Nearer to the nature, the healthier and happier we are”. Although all time is good to ponder over it deeply and realize its truthiness with cool mind but currently it is the most appropriate phase to feel and experience that the problem gets created only when we human beings start going against the nature or try to over-rule nature itself. We all have come across this fact at one or the other time or situation in life but irony is that mankind has no time to ponder over with patience and cool mind. In the busy schedule of daily routine and racing after materialistic gains, we, instead of realizing the fact, have only tried to overlook it knowingly or unknowingly.

The rat-race

We keep on chasing and running the race of gaining supremacy without knowing or thinking what we actually want or what is our real aim in life and where we are going.We do not have endurance. In the process we get lost ourselves far away from nature forgetting that Nature only is the God and God only is the nature. Man is so much lost in the materialistic race that he is unable to differentiate between good and bad. Result is that he further loads on himself covering of yet another fear and again continues running the same race for unknown destination. He does not want to surrender himself to the nature, the God.

Hurting the nature

In the race for establishing our supremacy, we hurt and disrespect ‘nature’.  Nature has always been loving and affectionate. It possesses high degree of forgiveness. It keeps on inviting with open heart for friendship and extends her company to enjoy a life free from fear. Nature keeps on forgiving but how long? It is a big question before the mankind.

Current world scenario

The prevailing current world scenario too is the result of that very tendency of human beings only. All have to bear consequences now. We should be thankful to nature for her kindness for putting us in the form of current scenario only. Otherwise, the nature is very powerful. It has still not shown its full intensity of anger probably thinking and hoping that the mankind will take the advantage of experience attained from the current situation and will not force it to exhibit its dreadful form. Yet another opportunity is provided by the nature for the mankind to repent his deeds and survive.

Storms arrive and wane in due course. They do not have permanent existence. Problems too do not have permanent existence rather they get solved sooner or later.

Nature is God and God is nature

As in the past, the mankind has to face and fight back taking all positive measures, adapting to natural life style collectively and getting free from the grip of fear or panic remembering that all problems do have solutions as well. The solution is fully hidden around us only and also emerges out in due course of time. In fact Nature is God and God is nature. So it is all up to us, we human beings. Need of the hour is to the face the current issue and the challenge with patience, courage keeping our self- confidence and the confidence in God, intact. How soon we are getting accustomed to immediate required changes to have natural life style and respond positively to the environmental conditions, is the requirement.

Positivity – the need of the hour

Let us be positive, think positive, act positive and we are definitely going to be successful in our hurricane efforts to sail through the current storm too and come out with flying colours. Every problem leaves us gifted with lot of new lessons and experience. That gives us opportunity to change ourselves according to nature’s requirements and be closer to nature to enjoy in the real sense and live life independently free from any fear. It, further, prompts us contributing towards the welfare of mankind in the best possible way we can. That is the most easiest, successful and precise and unique way to keep on progressing in life with self- satisfaction, controlling the level of our self- confidence.

Who, how much and how makes his life meaningful and significant taking the full advantage of this, depends upon the individual one.

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