आहार धारणा – Food Meditation

02 Mar 2019  -  31 Mar 2020

Food is the biggest gift GOD have blessed us with. No meditation can be bigger then having proper food with conscious efforts to concentrate and enjoy each and every byte of food. Lets meditate on food.

Process: Atleast for one meal in a day
1) No phone
2) No TV or any other thing which can disturb
3) No talks
4) chew each byte at least 20 times
5) feel taste in each chew

Just enjoy each and every byte of food and thank GOD for this wonderful gift 😊

If you were able to do this previous day send following symbol(🕉 ) on group

1) While concentrating on food you digest it properly
2) Enjoying your food is best way to get nourishment from food
3) It helps in many issues related to digestion, obesity, stress etc



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