Art of Listening


It’s a fine art

Listening is a fine art; do we understand the meaning of listening? Each of us will claim yes, but do we listen? Whenever we are in conversation many of us have some preoccupied notions and biases of the topic, which is the reason of conflict and misunderstanding. Listening is one’s ability to hear and process the information received.

In ancient times the method used for learning was listening. All our Upanishads, Gita are dialogue between teacher and student. Best learning happens when we listen to the teacher directly i.e. face-to-face, rest any other methods is poor substitute of learning.

In Modern world, we have so many professions dependent on listening for e.g. Physiologist, Marriage and family therapist, Judges, physicians etc. It is always important to listen with open mind to make the unbiased decision.

All relationships are also dependent upon how you listen to the other person. When you want to do all the talking and no listening then relationship dies. All the delusion of Arjuna was washed away by listening to Krishna with prepared mind and faith.

Listening is very important in our everyday. Listening is of two types: Active Listening and Passive Listening.

When we listen with all the intent and openness of mind than its active listening otherwise the listening with close mind and with prejudice is passive listening. Active listening is the key to successful career as well.

Today’s knowledge worker in various IT sector have mandatory training sessions on Listening. This helps in many ways for e.g. if you are out at customer site for requirement gathering than you must be very alert in listening to his requirement, which results in satisfied customer.

Certain points we can use as a self-check for better listening:


All these steps if followed will eventually make you stop hearing and you will start listening.

GOD has given us two ears and one mouth, and this shows the importance of listening. We should listen most and speak when it’s necessary. Listening give you the power to take good decisions. When listening to someone one should not get distracted with any of the external or internal disturbance. Any task done with complete focus is destined to be successful and so is Listening.

When a person gets listened he has a sense of respect and fulfillment that whatever he said is not sent in drain. Finding an ear to listen is getting tough in today’s era of individualistic approach. It needs a lot of patience when someone you are listening is a person with different thought process than yours. Here the key role will be played by practice. Listening is a powerful art and we can make it flawless with practice.